Pleasant Glade is a forming intentional community designed to appeal to a diverse group of people who wish to live in a green community dedicated to sustainable living in a small town.

We are building a six-home community on 4.25 acres in the city of Tonasket, in north central Washington State.  All of the homes are being pre-built, are earth-sheltered, energy efficient, and constructed to “green” standards.  Each home will have an attached garage and additional storage space in our Community Building.  The Community Building will also be equipped to house occasional guests and be a meeting place for members. It will also contain a commercial kitchen, community workshop, a sustainable-living library, work area, handicapped-accessible bathroom, greenhouse, and a community dining area.

Although not an actual community house, this is an example of an earth-sheltered home, which we built and live in.

Each member-family will own their own home and the lot it sits on and they will share privileges with other members on the remaining common ground (nearly 3 acres).  All Pleasant Glade Community members will share the cost of stewardship (land taxes, insurance, maintenance, etc) on the common areas.

The property has dedicated irrigation water from our local irrigation district and it will be used to establish the permaculture landscape that will provide a large part of our food.   We are located in an excellent gardening/orcharding area on the “dry side” of Washington State just 20 miles south of the Canadian boarder.

Most of the infrastructure (water, power, phone, internet, and sewer) was installed in 2011.  This summer, the summer of 2012, we are constructing the Community Building and two of the earth-sheltered homes.  The next two homes will be built in 2013, and the last two in 2014.

Our site is walking distance to shopping, schools, hospital, clinics, farmers market, library, and parks.  Tonasket is a vibrant community of about 1000 citizens with very diverse lifestyles.  It is the home of a long-standing food co-op and a cultural center dedicated to presenting healthy alternative programs that benefit the entire community. Our medical community here is outstanding and the hospital in Tonasket has an authorized Veterans Clinic. It is our hope that, as an intentional community, we will recognize the needs of our neighbors and will seek to serve the wider community as well.

Our goal is to strike a balance between individual and community living, promote organic gardening, adhere to the principles of permaculture, recycle, reuse, and live light on the land.  Being a Planned Development, Pleasant Glade members will belong to an association which will be the governing body and will use consensus for decision making and to establish rules and guidelines for the community.

If you think that Pleasant Glade is a community of interest to you and you need more information please contact us.
Jane and Bob

Bob and Jane Thompson
POB 581
Tonasket. Washington
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